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Full Version: LDraw data files at Brickset
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Brickset has started to collect links to official sets made in LDraw.

How can we contribute?
Maybe there is a way to make the files OMR-compliant (with permission of the owner)?
It's me who's uploading the LDraw models to Brickset.
At the moment, I'm uploading my own models and models from a few top authors at the EuroBricks LDraw sets topic (with their permission).

I really considered making all LDraw models OMR, but I decided not to do that (yet). Simply because I don't have the time to modify all the headers. And, because according to the OMR standard (as far as I know), if the set is only 1 thing (for example, only 1 plane), it should be a .ldr and not a .mpd with submodels. However, a lot of the models are made with a bunch of submodels (for example a submodel for the tail, a submodel for the door etc. etc.). It's not OMR, but in my opinion it would be a waste if only I wouldn't share the file, just because it's not completely OMR.

And, another thing is that, in this case user C3POwen, is doing the same thing as above (a bunch of submodels), but with a reason: he has made special rotation points, so that you can easily open up a door, or move an arm, just by rotating the submodel. You should download one of his models to see what I mean.

Or am I misinterpreting the OMR?

Anyway, if you have any questions or comments (either positive or negative), feel free to post them here Smile
Well, it was just a suggestion. I know, that this would take a lot of time...
BTW: Feel free to upload my models as well (Modular Buildings and the Technic Sets of 2007).

The problem with this linked sites are always the same. At one point the links did not work anymore. I already found one on that side too. Sad
What do you mean?
Nothing is linked at Brickset. Everything is uploaded to the Brickset server and stored on the server itself.
Please try the first entry (http://uploads.brickset.com/ldraw/442%20...huttle.ldr) then you know what I mean.
If you are right, then there is another problem with this file Smile
Ah, thanks.
I've fixed it now. There are still some problems when renaming a file, so something went wrong there.
Glad that I have been chosen for a few sets. Smile

Therefore, I actually don't try to make my Models OMR Compliant. But I'm only posting Errors-Free Models on Eurobricks.
This is so awesome!

An example of how tight the LDRAW integration can be.

This has the potential to become the next "peeron":
Instead of having simple inventories, full LDRAW models of the sets are available.

I hope that many/all of the already available official models at EuroBricks
( http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.ph...opic=48285 )
will finally make it to brickset.

Making the official models OMR-compliant would not be a priority for me.
I always found the OMR rules much too restrictive and
kind of annoyingly taking the fun and speed out of building official models...
(to be honest)
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