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Full Version: Is POVRay still the most liked LDraw HQ renderer?
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I'm wondering... is POVRay still the most liked / preferred HQ rendering tool for LDraw scenes / animations out there?

I mean with GUI tools like blender around and all.

Just wondering in preparation of the LDCad animation HQ export feature.
Yes, POV-Ray is still the unchallenged No. 1.

+ It's free.
+ It's text based = manual and scripted post-processing is possible.
+ It's quite economic with usage of system resouces.
Well. POVRay is supporting rendering LDRAW in an easy way. I did some very time consuming research how to import LDRAW models into MODO and the speed and quality beats POVRay.

As long as you give us just some hints how to do it:


and not a "LDraw 2 MODO for dummies" kind of tutorial I usually put together on:


It's highly unlikely that this will ever change.

While I really like your renders, MODO is not free. You're going to have a hard time convincing me to spend over 1000 USD on my part time hobby.
I use POV-Ray for all my renders. I recently saw this on the POV-Ray newsgroup - this was rendered using UberPOV (an POV-Ray extension)

[Image: bricks_2015-03-04-1654.jpg]
This looks nice,

What is the difference between normal povray and uberray? As the github page doesn't do much explaining all I can make out it does more lighting stuff or something.
Could you give a link to that pic on the povray forum?

This is quite interesting...
Really nice stuff. A short howto at the wiki would help enourmously.

If I could for instance export directly to a different renderer without using Blender as a go-between I would consider switching from POV-Ray. POV-Ray is simply too slow IMO, but at the same time Blender is too convoluted IMO.

I also agree with Willy. We need a "tutorial for dummies" for us to change.
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