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Full Version: [Bricksmith] Where is system preference files located
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So I have a problem that maybe someone would be able to help me with. I did a search of the forum and found nothing.

I use multiple computers with multiple hard drives and therefore have to boot from various copies of OS X. I'd like to be able to export my favorites list of parts to another hard drive and not have to re-create a new favorites list. Is this possible? I imagine it would be located in a system preferences file somewhere. But I can't seem to find a system preference file for Bricksmith. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
I would assume in
~/Library/Application Support/Bricksmith or something like that
No. It's not there. I've also tried making invisible files visible. Still nothing.
Okay, the creator of Bricksmith was kind enough to email me back. The library is hidden in Yosemite so you gotta download an app that makes hidden files visible.

Thanks Mr. Smith!

Here's what he wrote:

Thanks for writing. I always enjoy hearing from people using my software!

The preferences are in /Users/yourname/Library/Preferences/com.AllenSmith.Bricksmith.plist
I have a few things that I feel should be noted:
  • ~/Library has been hidden by default for a number of OS X releases. That's not new to Yosemite.
  • It's possible to un-hide things from Terminal.app without installing any 3rd-party software, but most users probably won't want to do that.
  • Hidden folders can be accessed from Finder if you know their name. For example, to get to the ~/Library folder even when it's hidden, select Go->Go to Folder... (Command + Shift + G). Then enter ~/Library into the box.
Okay, so maybe the file that controls what goes into the favorites category is not in those two files found in the preferences. There must be another file somewhere that's responsible for that. If anyone knows, it'd be very much appreciated. Thanks.
Okay, nevermind. It does work. Just make sure you restart the computer.