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Full Version: Max Martin Richter appointed as LDraw Content Manager
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Hi folks,

in sync with "Section 6.08: Appointed Key Positions" of the LDraw Bylaws the LDraw Steering Committee has appointed Max Martin Richter as LDraw Content Manager.

Max steps in for Tim Gould, who has expressed to retire form his current position as LDraw Content Manager.

Congratulations to Max and a big "Thank you" to Tim for his dedicated work in all these years!

Willy Tschager
On behalf of the LDraw SteerCo

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Hey Max - that's great news. Thank you for engagement.
Thanks for mentioning this. I'm very happy about this new task and I hope that I will fulfill the job as you expected.

Congratulations, Max Wink
Congratulations, Max

I can only hope that you still find time to continue reviewing.
We need more active reviewers.
Yes, I hope so. At the moment I'm quite busy with the code pilot assembly. I'll step into reviewing again, when the whole part is at least that good, that only the inside areas are missing...
Long live King Admin Max I!

(really, congratulations)
Big thank you to Max for stepping up. I'll set up your permissions and add you to the mailing lists when I get off of work (assuming Willy didn't beat me to it.)
Thank you very much Max. I feel confident that everything will remain in competent hands Smile