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Full Version: Part request hires 48/1-12rin4.dat
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I have 2 adjacent 48\1-24rin4.dat in my subpart http://www.ldraw.org/cgi-bin/ptdetail.cg...140s01.dat
I'd like to replace it by one 48\1-12rin4.dat. If possible please create one.

Thank you very much, Ingolf
You can create them by yourself -> Just use PrimGen2, which can be found here: http://ldraw.heidemann.org/index.php?page=primgen2

I think, it is selfexplaining, if not you can read an introduction here: http://jc-tchang.philohome.com/manuel/PrimGen2.htm


no, unfortuneatly I can't, it requires .NET2.0 which I cannot install in my linux, winetricks doesn't help. I already tried it.
Maybe you can do this for me, I would appreciate this very much!

regards, Ingolf
LDForge can also generate primitives.
I'll help you out when I'm back home...maybe in 60 to 120 minutes...
It's on the PT now: Link
I didn't know, that you use Linux and PrimGen2 is only working under windows...

Try MONO 2.8, it should work Smile
Hallo Max,

thank you very much. But it has a hold vote because of numbering issues. Maybe its better to wait til it's fixed?

best regards, Ingolf
You can download the primitive and rename it to 1-12ring4.dat. So you can use it with the right name in your files.
I hope, it will be fixed soon on the PT.

Renamed on the Parts Tracker now.