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Full Version: Accuracy of Stickers
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I currently working with LDPattern Creator, which is a wonderful tool, to do some stickers for the trains. At the moment mainly the missing logos of around 5 to 6 countries.

I examined the existing ones and I notices that the DB logo is very detailed (curves of the D and B) compared to the dutch logo, which is just corners whereas the real logo has a slight curve where the arrows bend.

For a try I did the old SNCF logo which is not that smooth as the DB logo but has more details than the dutch one.

Let me know what you thing.


I think you got the right balance between smoothness and number of triangles. DB logos are definitely too fine (but they were generated with txt2dat whose resolution can be tricky to manage - and changes with tool version!). Dutch logo is ok but indeed misses a bit of curve...

Quote:LDPattern Creator, which is a wonderful tool
Yes indeed!
To me it looks a bit too 'blocky'. There's no 'flow' in the lines around the 'S'.
Where can I find good reference pictures? Which set? What sticker sheet is it from?
I started working through these, but never got to the other logos. Here are images of the Belgian Railways and newer SNCF logos that I found. The bricklink scan for the 7720 sticker sheet 191815, was the best I found for the Finnish (VR), Swedish (SJ), Nowegian (NSB) and Danish (DSB) logos.

Please try to match the size of the logo subpart to the existing parts/s/191915s???.dat files (see here) and follow that naming convention:

191915s<ISOcountrycode>a.dat for logo foreground
191915s<ISOcountrycode>b.dat for logo background
191915s<ISOcountrycode>.dat for complete logo

Thanks for picking this up,
Thanks for your input!

Magnus Forsberg Wrote:Which set? What sticker sheet is it from?
This specific one is from 7720. All the 1981 trainsets have an extensive sticker-sheer with 12 railway companies.

Magnus Forsberg Wrote:Where can I find good reference pictures?
That is the 100.000 Dollar question. For some it is pretty easy, Italy, Belgium, the newer SNCF, however the Finnish and Norwegian ones are really hard to find in a proper resolution. Lots of browsing for railway history sites as the logos are not even from the 1980s but mostly dated to the 70s.

Chris Dee Wrote:Please try to match the size of the logo subpart to the existing parts/s/191915s???.dat files (see here) and follow that naming convention
I thought so as well and did ITA, BEL and FRA already along those naming conventions.

Chris, I wrote you a mail to get access to the Parts Tracker to share them, did you get it?

Yes, I set you up and replied on 8th Oct.
Please use 'fr' for France, 'be' for Belgium and 'it' for Italy.
I finally got all the remaining countrie's train lines done. As mentioned, it was a big pain finding proper pictures to base the logos on. Norway was especially hard to find... and to do... :-)

Have a look:
[Image: stickers4.png]

I kept to the size and naming convention of the already existing ones, those are the basic files:

191895sfr..: France, Old SNCF
191915sfr..: France, New SNCF
191915sfi..: Finland (VR) - Sticker is wider 4/3 of a "normal" one
191915sit..: Italy (FS)
191915sbe..: Belgium (B)
191915sse..: Sweden (SJ)
191915sdk..: Danmark (DSB)
191915sno..: Norway (NSB) - Sticker is wider 4/3 of a "normal" one

For the 7720 Stickersheet 191895 I would continue:
191895g: FRA, old
191895h: FIN
191895i: ITA
191895j: BEL
191895k: SWE
191895l: DAN
191895m: NOR

And as a bonus some doors:
[Image: doorsnew1.png]

Nice. Looking forward to seeing these on the Parts Tracker. Please ask if you are unsure about how to format the headers correctly.
Looking good indeed, but I want to comment the design anyhow. Again, it's hard to do it without a good reference.
I don't know if the 'S' has that shape IRL, or if this is a 'misprint'.
A picture is better in showing my main issues.

[Image: sncf.png]

My eye wants the yellow/orange lines to be paralell, and the 'S' to follow the red circles.

One of the best collections of scanned stickers I have found is this one from Rober-To.
Unfortunately there is no scan of these stickers.
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