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Full Version: Required for instructions: 93071 & 93072
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I am creating building instructions (together with someone else) and the model uses part 93071 and 93072. Those are very difficult parts and I understand if nobody wants to make those, but I can still hope Smile

Both parts can be found on Bricklink by typing in the number and then pb0x behind it where x is a number. 93071 is a dragon head with prints, I don't need the prints, but of course they may be added. 93072 is a dragon jaw and it is a multicolored part. I don't know a lot about part authoring, but I think that isn't a big problem and you can easily create a part for every multicolord version?

Anyway, in this case, I specifially need this one and this one.

Both parts are also in LDD.

Thanks in advance!
Both parts can be found in the current LDD. Maybe this helps someone to create at least a mockup.
Hey Merlijn,

here are links to uncleaned versions of the files:


93072 - DRAGON JAW 2

Thanks! I can use those for the instructions.

I'm wondering though, they do work in LDview and in MLcad, but they just don't work in SR3D builder. it can't find the parts and even if I add them manually in the file, they still don't show up. Any idea why?
Seems to work fine here. With this description, it doesn't appear in any category, but typing in "dragon" search string allows to find and use part (and it's still there after a save/clear/reload). Did you do a Rebuild Parts List?
I can't find it by either searching for the part number or by typing in dragon as you suggested. I also tried the rebuild parts lists multiple times, but it still doesn't show up.
Well, it's not a too big problem. At least they work in LDview, so I can create instructions with them.
Mmhh... are you sure that your SR3D and LDView use the same library folder???