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Full Version: Rotation Vector values
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I have found that step parts through the vertical but I need to fine tune it and the manual option is greyed out. I ma picking the edit -> rotate - Keyboard entry option.


I am sorry, but your question is incomprehensible to me.
Which tool are you talking about?
What are you trying to accomplish?
What did you try to do so?
Why did that fail?
I guess you mean MLCad "use rotation vector values"? Unfortunately there was a bug there, and this feature was disabled starting with version 3.2. You can either enter rotation matrix value (guru friendly method Wink or use axis rotation icons in toolbar. Remember that the rotation angle changes according to grid level (coarse/medium/fine) and that you can redefine rotation angle for each grid (settings/general/change/grid)
Hi, that is exactly what I mean. Where can I find more info on "rotation matrix value"?

Hi Steffen,
I'll try to be a bit clearer next time. I have only being using it for three days so still learning the lanaguage. Smile
Quote:Hi, that is exactly what I mean. Where can I find more info on "rotation matrix value"?
Not sure it will help you much if you are not used to this but... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rotation_ma...dimensions
I don't use this myself except for (simpler) scaling/mirroring/slanting (these 3 transformations are used in parts authoring, but should not be used in models). For rotations, I set angle value in grid setting and use rotate icons. A bit clumsy, but faster than calculating a rotation matrix...
The problem I am having is with staircase 30134.dat which is not at 45' and I wanted to add a railing.

Any ideas?

Not sure what you want to do but,

1 16 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0.6402 -0.7682 0 0.7682 0.6402 3001.dat

might help.