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Full Version: LPub base plate
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Hi All,
Noob question (sorry) :with LPub, when I bring an models in with Base Plates, in the part list the base plate is upside down? In the construction list it is fine.

What am I missing?


Weird! Are the baseplates the only parts that show this behaviour?
There are 3 places where you define orientation of parts shown in parts lists:
- In configuration menu, Parts list setup (defines orientation of parts for parts lists shown in each step) and Bill of materials setup (parts list of complete model). But both concern all parts, so everything should be upside down!
- In file pli.mpd (placed in lpub/extras folder) you can change orientation of individual parts in parts lists... but this method seems a bit involved for someone describing himself as a noob Wink
it is strange, it is just the base plates....

I have the latest version of everything as far as I understand (downloaded yesterday). To do the backend would require changing all of them and what happens next update?

It would be odd if I am the only new person having the issue.
Can you share one file that shows this behaviour?
I just gave it a try and it is indeed the orientation of the basplates in the PLI.MPD file. In this file that defines the orientation of a part in the PLI and the BOM all Baseplates are upside down.

That should be changed in the AIOI, shoudn't it?

Feel free to correct the orientation and sending me the corrected version for the AIOI.

Here's the PLI.MPD with all baseplates facing up!

What is the purpose of this file? (I've never used LPub.)

Why does it contain old/outdated partnumbers?
Why does it contain unofficial parts?
Why does it contain renumbered parts?
Why does it contain mirrored parts?
Here's a link describing what you can do with the PLI.MPD file.

In a nutshell it allows you to influence the orientation of a part in the part-list of an instruction. Either because the part is not properly identifyable or does not aling with others.
Hi, do we drag and drop into the program folder?
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