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Full Version: Mixels
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Entry for Mixels models...
[Image: 41512_-_chomly.png]
MPD file download
OMR compliant, AFAIK no errors or missing parts.
Added to the AIOI. Thanks for sharing!

And here comes the gang.
With this the 2014 is complete.
Note: None of the sets are OMR compliant.

Part 1:











Report on parts:

  • No in Part Tracker:
                        11439.dat: Marbled versions
  • Unnoficials:
  • Partial or without snap connection:
                         6126b.dat: Snap on one side
                         15456.dat: Snap bottom and ball missing
                         11439.dat: Snap absent
                         98313.dat: Snap missing
                         92946.dat: Snap bottom missing
                         3660.dat: Snap tube/bar absent
                         30395.dat: Snap ball Absent

The lists cover all the sets I post.