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Full Version: End with a... ?
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Quote from: http://www.ldraw.org/article/218.html

Quote:Line Termination

All lines in the file must use the standard DOS/Windows line termination of(carriage return/line feed). The file is permitted (but not required) to end with a. It is recommended that all LDraw-compliant programs also be capable of reading files with the standard Unix line termination of(line feed).

End with a what? I'm assuming what's missing is "carriage return/line feed" ?
Yes Smile
Should that be a "0" (zero)?

0 is certainly valid as the last byte of an LDraw file (right after an <LF>). I suspect that this is supposed to say that the last line may or may not have a <CR><LF> at the end, but I can't remember.
The sentence
Quote:The file is permitted (but not required) to end with a.
should read instead
Quote:Terminating the last line of a file with it is optional.
Yes, that is exactly what we discussed that time.
Thanks - that makes it really clear Smile
I finally found the time to correct this. Thanks for pointing out. Let me know if there are more hiccups caused by the transition from PN.

thank you for the correction.