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Full Version: Part Request 75972 Code Pilot
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Philo was kind enough to mock up the Code Pilot for me years ago when I was building the LDraw file of the 8479 garbage truck. I'm now getting to the point when I'll be preparing the 1997 edition of Technicopedia soon and would appreciate being able to show the part in greater detail. Of course, I can just photograph it and I realize that this is a very unique part that has little demand, so I understand if there are higher priorities. I see that it has been sitting in the unofficial queue for a long time so I thought I would mention it.

I'll have the part, but I have to find the time for doing the details. Maybe I can do the outer shape details. And do the inside later. I hope this would work for you.

Max, you are welcome to improve the elements I already created: http://www.ldraw.org/cgi-bin/ptscan.cgi?q=code+pilot
Philo, I know this Mockup. But there was still no time in the past.
And you may have recognized that the 3-blade-propellor with 24 tooth gear is still undone... Sorry for that.
As soon as I can find the time, I'll send you some files for the propellor...
BTW: I have to find the propellor itself, cause it got lost in mess...

Yeah, I know, time...
I think I started the cover model at the time, I'll try to find it again and post it here.
For my purposes, the inside details are unimportant. So if you could get the outside looking accurate (at least showing the 9V wire connections and the scanner) that would meet my needs.
Not only I started it, but it was quite advanced (though there is still a lot of work to do!). Don't remember what distracted me at the time. I have not found again 32021s01.dat, but it's not difficult to figure...
Thanks Philo, this is a great starting point.
I opened my unit yesterday in the very late evening. Do you want to create the pattern, when I finished the part?
Quote:Do you want to create the pattern, when I finished the part?
OK, shouldn't be very hard...
Just a short update...
I decided to do a rework, because a lot of measures had been wrong.
I'll upload a mockup-version, with the complete outside of the code pilot, when it's finished.
Part is on PT...
Next steps:
Create the top cover - Completely finished
Create the 2nd half of the "Laser Cone" - Completely finished
Create the transparent "Laser Magnifier" - Completely finished
Adapt Philo's 71375 (Keypad) to the corrected dimensions - Completely finished
Create/fix/adapt Philo's 32023.dat - Completely finished
Create/fix/adapt Philo's 32022.dat - Completely finished
Create Battery Springs - Completely finished
Create the Electric Brick incl. metal part - Completely finished
Create the Screws and add them to 32021c01/32021p01c01 - Completely finished
Create the Conductor Plate Dummy - Completely finished

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