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Full Version: Lic - a tool for creating LEGO building instructions
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Probably :
  1. The windows editor added something non-printing, perhaps a carriage-return (end-of-line in Windows is CR/LF; in unix it is LF only), or perhaps a CTRL-Z (windows end-of-file)
  2. You don't have __init__.py in the appropriate directory because when us PyDev for Eclipse I don't need this stuff.
    To make import walk through your directories every directory must have a __init__.py file.
In Windows eXPerience on virtual machine every thing work propely. So You need to ask someone more experienced than I.
c:/ldraw/l3p.exe "c:/ldraw/PARTS/33078.dat" -c16 -sw0.5
"d:/workspace/eclipse/lic/src/dist/cache/30210 - Frodo with cooking corner.lic/POVs/33078_16.pov"
-bu -b1.0,1.0,1.0 -cg20,-45,0 -q3 -o

What is wrong in this !?
Google Company start to close Project Hosting at Google Code site.
According to this step, this tool of public utility moved to https://github.com/Jeremy1980/licreator.

Then next version will be released in second | third quarter of this year.
Report Issues here or GitHub. And do not forget attach a file lic.log

If you interested with speed-up process and professional User Manual. Collect your friends. And We together start Crowdsourcing or Crowfunding as alternative.
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