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Full Version: Lic - a tool for creating LEGO building instructions
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This is my first post. So I say HE:LLO to any one.
It is write in Python. Linux is his native environment. You don't have compile this script. Just use bash to run it.
Ok. I have introduce to any one my first release can be downloaded from http://www.jaremaczajkowski.pl/pub/forum..._win32.zip.

Only M$ Windows support at current time.
So please, please bear with this... and be patient to report any comments.
Seems to work on my Win 7 and Win8.1 (both 64-bit) systems. Maybe you find a way to use the graphic engine of LDView?
Anyway I'm unable to edit anything except of moving the different boxes/parts.

This is correct deduction. Only if you add label you can edit text. That how this work.
thinking about ilustrated manual when correct time come to Me.
Using LDView, do the following:
  1. Make sure "Automatically check ldraw.org for missing parts" is checked on the Updates tab of LDView's preferences.
  2. Download the dat file by clicking the "Download" link on its page.
  3. Open the dat file in LDView.
  4. LDView will automatically download all the related files, and place them in <LDraw Dir>/Unofficial
  5. Move the original dat file to the <LDraw Dir>/Unofficial/parts directory. (Note: if this directory already exists on your computer at step 2, downloading directly there is easier.)

If you want to use the part from MLCad, follow Willy Tschager's instructions in the "Editing the MLCad.ini file" section here:


I believe that both LDCad and Bricksmith automatically support the <LDraw Dir>/Unofficial directory, so they should both see the part (although since it's a ~ file, it might be hard to find).

Good to see LIC on the map again and continued effort going in it :-) Did you take over the source of the original LIC? It looks very similar.

I like the layout of the tool and how it is presenting it. Also the template pre-view is a good thing.

What I dislike is that all rendering and pagination is done at the start, so if you have a big model, it takes a very long time to have it shown.

But I am looking forward to see it growing!
Precursor of LIC do it really good job. So I don't see reason to built this tool from scratch.
Actually I am on the way to finish many unfinished task taken from 0.6.0 version.

So performance is not currently issue to resolve.
Next version come on stage at https://code.google.com/p/licreator/.

If you have Google account, that is higly anticipated, appreciate put any issues, comments pressing "New Issue".

May the Force be with us
Please forgive me but I'm not in the mood to create yet another account. I wish we could keep this thing here.

* Draws arrows in the PLI, but not in the steps
* Strangely the sandbox comes with an empty step 1
* Minifigs have been moved to the end of the BI though they come first in the MPD
* It would be nice if Buffex-Exchange and Arrows would be supported
* Miss JPG or PNG export

Thanks, w.
Wow. Impressive - and damn fast! The template system seems pretty good too, once you figure out things (documentation anybody? ;D ).
Is there a way to apply CSI rotation to all following steps in a submodel?
(edit): found it... "copy rotation to next X CSI")
When I tried to generate images or PDF, they were located in a subfolder of the program, while I would have expected a subfolder of model location.
Export mpd seems broken? (mostly empty file)
Willy Tschager Wrote:* Miss JPG or PNG export
Export -> generate images does just that at screen resolution (see template definition). But they are located in (lic path)\cache. If you create a pdf, the same folder contains paper resolution images.
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