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Full Version: An unknown color ID referred by some official parts
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Hi all.

This is my first message, and I apologize in advance if this isn't the right section.

I'm experimenting on rendering LDraw parts and models in Java, and in an LDR model I found a part in latest official part library (2014-01) that use this color id: 391.
I can't find it in LDConfig.ldr, and I haven't found any reference to this color code.
So, part uses this color:
973psk.dat (for sub-part s/973pskb.dat) in row 19
I found a sub-part that uses this color, too:
s/3068s101.dat in rows 39, 51, 52

Thank you for your work on LDraw part library.

I can confirm your findings. Thanks for bringing this up.
Just as an aside, since the part seems to look mostly OK in LDView, it would appear that the intention of the part author is for color 391 to be treated as a "dither color". The comment above ("Dithered Components") supports this, and implies that the use of color 503 was also intended to be a "dither color". The actual ldconfig.ldr color for 503 is different, and doesn't really look right. Dither colors aren't allowed in official parts, but that appears to be what's going on. The simplest solution is to change the colors to use direct colors that match the calculated dither colors for 503 and 391, but if there are other LDConfig.ldr colors that also match, those should probably be used instead.
we need to repair all official files which use colors that are not present in LDConfig.ldr.

some time ago, I had found these doors
I agree.