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Full Version: 10181 - Eiffel Tower
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This one I did some time ago, the lifts may need some work to line up properly.

Yes, it's not according to the current OMR standard, I have read through it and I do not understand what should exactly be in in the main.dat file, and why is should be dat files and not ldr files.
Why not unpack the zip file and attach the ldr or mpd file directly to this post?
It's is (was) not in a mpd file, the complete model contains 18 different ldr files.
I am not used working with mpd files, but it seems I have managed to get it all in one file.
I little self promotion here, but suggest MPDWizard to create mpd files
I second that, especially if you used unofficial parts. MPDWizard has the capability to include unofficial parts, this way you are sure you'll be able to recover your model even if unofficial parts are modified (renamed, moved, rotated...).
Wow this is cool! How long did it take you to build this?
Really not that long. Trick is setting the rotation point at the center of the model, build one quarter per step and rotate Smile
Then adjust a little where needed. DidnĀ“t count the hours, completed it in the course of one day.