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Full Version: Minifig guide?
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Does anyone have a guide of minifig parts with pictures and part names? MLCad's part preview is a bit small and grainy. Thanks!
The AIOI comes with a Offline Parts Catalog in PDF. Otherwise there is always this:


Where is the Parts Catalogue installed to?
In your LDraw root folder. It's named: LDrawOfflinePartsCatalog-2014-01.pdf

I must have not used the AIOI (though I thought I did!). Is there somewhere else I can find it?
You can try my original dropbox share here. (I created the file.) I don't know how much bandwidth Dropbox allows for public shares, so I would recommend grabbing it quickly. Note: it's a 44.4MB file.
Thanks. Is the catalog automatically generated? It could use a Table of Contents or index.
is there a bug in the tool that generated the catalog?
sometimes, the first letter of the keywords gets cut off, e.g. at

3144: letter "t" is missing in word "transmission"
55299: letter "t" is missing in word "tools"
55297: letter "t" is missing in word "tools"
55298: letter "t" is missing in word "tools"
86208: letter "t" is missing in word "tools"

maybe more - I strangely just spotted missing "t"s
Maybe it's \t (tab escape) related?
Probably. I definitely have [ \t] in a number of sed and grep regular expressions. I'll replace the \t in those with the actual tab character and rerun the script, then compare the results.

Michael, it's generated with a bash script that I run on my Mac. It contains hard-coded paths that would have to be edited for anyone else to run it, and it may rely on Mac-specific command line tools. For example, it uses sips to determine the size of a given image, and while this is a standard tool on the Mac, I don't know if it's standard on other *nix flavors. (The sips man page identifies it as a BSD command, so there is some hope.)

If anyone wants the script, I'd be happy to provide it to them, but I should warn people that bash scripting is not my forte, and this script is 559 lines long, so it's not some tiny little thing that you can look at and immediately understand.