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Recent Messages is broken for me. Can anyone confirm?
Yes it is.
It's been gone since this morning.
Was going to report the issue... Same thing here!
It is still broken.
Ok. Investigating. Since I didn't change anything, I suspect that something changed on the server so it may take me a bit to sort it out.
Ok problem solved but now avatars aren't working. Odd.
So the problem seems to stem from the interaction between php, mySQL, and ImageMagick. I'm still investigating but it may take some time.
Broken images were on my end. Please clear your browser cache if this problem exists for you. If the problem still exists after the cage clear, please let me know.
Seems to be running fine now! Thanks, Orion!
I confirm that it is working again - thanks Orion Smile
It works for me too, but I think I've found another issue.

Didn't added pictures use to be clickable before?
If I remember correctly they were added, in the text, in a smaller size, and when I clicked on it, it was opened in a new tab.
Now, all pictures are added in the text in full size.
I had to turn off that extension. It was partially to blame. I think my host upgraded the image processing software and it was causing php errors.