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Full Version: LPub - How to add divider after step?
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Hi all, I created a Lego model using Bricksmith on my iMac, now imported it to LPub and I have a lot of steps in there which I want to have on one page... but he just does a list of it, listing step by step in a row on the page even if there is no room. Now according to the instructions of LPub I should right click the step I want to divide and choose "Add Divider after step" so it creates a new column with it.

But I do not have this option... it does not show up, even when the next step is outside of the page and I right click on the building picture as described in the instructions, there is no "Add Divider after step" showing up.

Help anyone please?
Don't have my Lpub here, but I know that you have different options if you right-click on the building step image, in the area around it, or in completely outside multistep area.
Yes exactly, but this is the only option that is missing Sad

Edit: When I click on "Display as rows" I get the option for "Add Divider"... but that is not how I want it, then he divides it down the page. I want it next to each other Smile