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Full Version: Friends Figure Shortcuts?
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I like that.

But, the Minifig Hips and Legs shortcut is numbered after the Hips. 3815pXX.dat becomes 3815cXX.dat with added legs.
Should the Friends Hips shortcuts all be 92248cXX.dat ?

IMO the leg+hip and torso+arms should be like this:
92252p01.dat should be 92252c01.dat when the hips are added. The shortcut without pattern would be 92252c00.dat

92241p01.dat should be 92241c01.dat when the arms are added. The shortcut without pattern would be 92241c00.dat
Mmmhhh, I didn't pay attention to part number in your example. Yes, I think that the legs+hips shortcut should be numbered from legs parts number. But there is a possibility that the same torso gets differently patterned arms (I have not checked if such possibility already happens). To get maximum flexibility such assemblies should then be named 92241p01c01.dat, 92241p01c02.dat and so on. Blank shortcut could still be 92241c00.dat (is such blank shortcut really useful btw?). Then for the sake of homogeneity, legs shortcuts should be named xxxxxpyyczz too.
The first complete shortcuts are now at the PT.

[Image: 92198p02c01.png]
very, very lovely.

However, I haven't checked anything about it yet (file numbers etc.), just wanted to say that I like it
Have you got a minute for these, Steffen?
I want to go ahead and make more.
yeah, I'll have a look Smile
I really like Philos idea about the numbering scheme. In my opinion we don't need the uncoloured shortcuts, because all information is available in the other shortcuts.
I also like the idea of Philo for positioning on the grid we have (or go off grid in some cases).
Furthermore I think we should create the shortcut for the hips and the torso and then the complete figure shortcut.
Maybe we should think about a library especially for figures in the future? So that we can create all minifigs in the future...

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