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Full Version: Request for part 55706
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I am kindly requesting the piece 55706 Wing 8x10 to be inclued... working on some Batman stuff and this wing is missing in my Bricksmith iMac App.
It does exist as an unofficial part... Problem is that parts tracker is presently down..
The Parts Tracker is working now - the unofficial version of this part is here.
woah great thx... got it in Smile

Consists of two parts, and the angle is not fitting together with the other parts / angles... can that be fixed somehow? Thanks for all your effort here, terrific program Smile
I can not see your problem at present. Please explain what you want to do.
In Bricksmith I need to add 2 files the wing consists of, so it is not one file and the angle of the full wing is then different and not fitting the angle of other pieces when using the rotation tool... I have a screenshot, how can I share it?

But nevertheless I am happy to have it in the model Big Grin
As I do not have Bricksmith I can't be of any help in this moment.
Please ask questions for handling Bricksmith in the following forum (http://forums.ldraw.org/list.php?11)
I have reworked this part and made some improvments on the edges and cond-lines.
Please download the new version here