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Full Version: Help - Need parts.lst for Mac
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Hi all,

having real troubles with lpub for my mac... he can't find the parts.lst. And if I download your full package here, there is unfortnately no parts.lst included... only a .exe file I can't open with Mac.

Can anyone provide me with the latest parts.lst please as direct download? I can't find it on your side, and everything links to the zip files that just contain this strange .exe instead of .lst files Sad
Maybe you could use dosbox


or the linux script mentioned on the linux getting started wiki

That is a bit beyond my understanding but it looks like it won't get me any further... I Just need the latest parts.lst ... isn't there any download for it? Why is it all in an .exe that is what I do not understand when it is just a single file...? Can somebody maybe upload and share via dropbox?
It's an exe because the original LDraw software was a dos program (although the current version is a 32 bit console app).

It's contents also depend on your installation / preferences.

I don't know if there is an official default one floating around somewhere.

But attached is a default (sorted by description) one based on the 1401 lib I have installed.
Thx I will give it a try Smile It would just be great if this could be changed somehow since the APP is there for Mac... everything is there. But not this Sad
If you haven't already noticed it, please read this post. Hopefully it will solve your problem.
I had the exact same problem trying to get this setup. I finally found it here.

Then I just did Save Page As... in Firefox and moved the file into the correct location in Bricksmith.

Hope that helps! It took me a few hours to figure out.
I've written a small bash utility to generate the parts list - it's located at https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1072.../make-list if anyone needs it

Would require some modifications for directory selection, but should work fine for the rest of it...