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Full Version: 2011-2012 LSC procedures
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Each year, the LSC is supposed to make up its own procedures. Typically, the most important procedure is the decision on what is required to accept a proposal as a standard. There have been a number of different ways this has been done, but last year the rule was that a proposal required at least 3 YES votes and no more than one NO vote. I'm personally in favor of this, with the added proviso this year that voting ends no more than one week after a call for votes has been made. (That way if we get three YES votes, there's a defined end date for waiting on the two possible NO votes, in case someone stops communicating.)

The above is my proposal for this year's LSC, but I'm certainly open to other suggestions. The reasoning behind this framework is that if two of us feel strongly enough about something to vote NO, the proposal is probably marginal enough that it should be reconsidered. On the other hand, if one or even two people stop communicating, the others can still get things passed, and obviously there could be times when some of us really don't have a strong enough opinion to cast a YES or NO vote.

One thing that hasn't been done in the past (that I remember), but is suggested in the LSC Charter is that we request for comments from the community after coming up with something but before voting on it. Given that all our discussions here are public, I'm not sure that's necessary, but I thought I'd mention it since it hasn't been done in the past.
I'm fine with it.

Sounds good to me.

I'm also ok with it.
I think the "one week" window should be extended. I often take two weeks of vacation, so could completely miss the chance to review a proposal and potentially post a "No" vote.

Alternatively, does the forum software have any calendar functionality that we ould use to notify each other of extended periods out-of-contact?

OK, how about we extend that to three weeks? It should be quite rare for that rule to have to kick in.
I guess the LSC works as the SteerCo does, with the person bringing in a new topic taking also the lead in the discussion, calls for votes, puts in word proposals and the like and handles all communication needed. Is this the case?

That has tended to be the case, but I'm not sure we should set it in stone as a rule. If somebody else decides to take point on something, I don't personally see that as a problem.
Does everyone agree to the following rules?

Rules Wrote:Any vote is approved by at least three votes in favor and no more than one vote against. Votes last for three weeks, after which any uncast votes automatically become abstentions.

If so, that's what I'll put on the official LSC page on ldraw.org. (I already put the first part there, since it appears we all agreed to that.)
I agree.

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