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Full Version: LDCad GUI thoughts
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Recently I've been playing with the LDCad GUI. And I would appreaciate people's thoughts on the tweaks I made so far in 1.4 Alpha.

This is how it looks the current stable version 1.3a
[Image: guiTweaksPre.png]

This is how it now looks in my latest 1.4 build
[Image: guiTweaksPost.png]

I replaced the fixed font rendering with 'real' freetype font rendering, it's using Verdana at the moment (and FreeSans on Linux) but suggestions are welcome.

I also attempted to create better part bin root group pictures and app icon.

It certainly looks a lot better to me and I highly approve of the new category icons!
Like the new font. What are you using for the green back-up arrow in the left-hand top corner of the color wheel? Is it a .png?

Quote:What are you using for the green back-up arrow in the left-hand top corner of the color wheel? Is it a .png?

Yes all used pictures are RGB(A) png's. I made that one eons ago using realdraw. It's the same as in 1.3 though so it might also be in need of an update.
Thanks, it's tough trying to abstractly picture something in only ~200 square pixels Smile
Your changes are real improvements!!
like those changes!

Btw: I would love to see "moving" in 3D while both mouse buttons are clicked.
is already in:
-> left mouse button: changing angle
-> mouse wheel: zoom
new mode:
-> both mouse buttons: moving forward/backwards/strafe left and right along the current angle
Would you send them over to have a look?

They are loaded from disk, you'll find them in the gui/default and partBin/default subfolders of the standalone archive version (or in users/<user>/appData/roaming/etc etc etc for the setup version)

You could also open the gui.sf and/or partBin.sf files (in seeds subfolder) using any zip reader
Thats a good idea, I might add that.

In the meantime you can already move the view using leftclick + shift (rel to viewport) or leftclick+shift+ctrl (rel to grid). You could also use rightclick with the same keys only differences with that is it will ignore the model (left only works on the background).
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