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Full Version: Converting lpub tagged ldr files to a single mpd
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I generally prefer to create my LPub building instructions from a collection of ldr files in the same folder (it's easier to find the right place to edit), but now I'd like to convert them into a single mpd file for distribution. Problem, the mpd (built with MPDCenter or MPDwizard) doesn't render correctly in LPub (pagination issues, callout converted back to simple submodels, page format modified from landscape to portrait and so on). Is this a known problem? how to solve it (I'd hate to have to scan and correct all pages again!)
Because mpd is defined just as ldr files added into one large file it should work the same (ldr based or mpd based).
If not then the problem is in LPub.

Talking about MPDCenter:
To have the same structure than your ldr files, just open the first ldr file in MPDCenter.
Then use the "import unofficial files" menu command.
All your local files should be imported.

If you already has done it in this way - just ignore my last paragraph. The the problem is in LPub.