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Full Version: Time to say goodbye
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Dear friends,
I will be offline for the next 3 or 4 months. No, it's not because of the community, it's a much better reason.
Since today I'm graduated and that means for me, that I can start my last big cycletrip. I have planned to cycle around the Baltic sea... :-)
I wish all of you all the best and hope to see you again when the Summer is over.

Have a nice trip, Max Wink
Good luck. Hope to hear from you when you get back. Post pics if you take them!
How far in are you biking? If you visit Finland west coast maybe you can stop by to say hi. Smile
Well, the Finnish part of the route is going from Helsinki to Turku. I'll check out some islands there and then I'm going to continue along the west coast up to Kemi. From there it is planned to go north east to Rovaniemi and further north east to Inari/Ivalo/Kirkenes (in Norway). Please note that I cycle together with my girlfriend. ;-)
If you want to, you can write me an email with your address and your phone number, so we can stop by to say hello.
Hopefully our bikes will not collapse with all the stuff on it...

I should think about creating a simple webpage for the pictures when I'm back home. Unfortunately my html/php skills are very bad. Undecided
Let's see what time will bring.

I wish both of you all the best for your trip. Now I know why your webside has it's name Smile
My longest trip by cycle was about 60 km (only one day) and I am not sure that my back would allow more ;-)

It's definitely a looooong trip.
If you like, we can meet in Örnsköldsvik. Just tell me when. Smile

Best wishes for a nice trip!

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