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Full Version: Not All Parts from LDD Viewable in LDView
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Hello LDraw.org Community,

So I've been using LEGO Digital Designer-LDD (since I have a Mac and do not wish to emulate a Windows OS on my system). I've been modeling a few simple basic things in there. Then I export out the .ldr file(s) so that I can view them in LDView-LDV.

The problem is, not all the LEGO parts from LDD can be seen in LDV. Namely in this example, the roof of the police car. I've noticed that this happens with a few other parts as well (like the top of treasure chests).

I was curious if this is a known issue and/or if there is a fix.

I've tried both LDVv4.2 and LDVv4.1 and the problem exists in both versions of the software.

If there is anything that community can do to help, please let me know.

Attached are screen shots from both LDD and LDV.


The LDD View: [Image: ScreenShot2014-05-30at90036AM_zps5b655f46.png]
The LDD View shows the roof.

The LDV View: [Image: ScreenShot2014-05-30at90026AM_zps2a07f884.png]
The LDV View doesn't show the roof, but all the other pieces as if the roof was there.

The Part in Question: Piece No. 4646574 White Transportation Means, Vehicles Roof 4x6x2/3
[Image: ScreenShot2014-05-30at91008AM_zps57761e8e.png]
Here is the piece in question.
Hi Jake,

I'm not sure about the part issue but there is a OSX LDraw editor called Bricksmith. I think it's even better than MLCad.
Follow up. The part in question is number 98281 and is in the official library
I believe that if you update to the latest fan-created LDraw.xml, the LDD export will include that part. I did a quick search in the file, and 98281.dat is there. Note: I don't use LDD, and I have never tried the custom LDraw.xml.
Unfortunately the latest LDraw.xml has issues with rotations of several parts I tested. But give it a try.
Buf3D support all parts from LDD, witch proper rotations (3419 parts, and aliases)
Only flexible parts are unsupported, but emulated by sphere connections.