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more than five characters
As far as I know the header end tag is not yet decided.
But detecting headers end should not be very complicate.
If you find a line starting with another number other than 0 header has finished. You may have to skip a line back for detecting BFC, but that's it.
Why you are looking for those line with "0 -" and "0 +".
I would say they are pure text lines with no value for visualising parts!

You should check for first character to be not "0" as indicator for header end.
But you also should care about the "0 BFC" line.

Do you also know that "0 BFC" should be treated the same as "0 BFC" ?

LDraw is very smooth for part authors with an editor but hard for coders that like to solve problems by apps Smile
Maybe use 000 for end of header?
I would like to still object strongly against having a new "end of header" tag.
There is a separate thread discussing this issue.

Triangle717, could you post the file with the invalid UTF8 sequence here for us to double-check?