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Full Version: L3P Add-On u-parts problems
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Hi there,

As I'm used to model my own LGEO parts for my renders, I frequently add new parts to the lg_elements.lst provided with L3P Add-On.

Then, it will recognize the new part as a LGEO-available one, and will make me a pov file using this LGEO equivalent part.

Problem is that u-parts (u1125 as an example) seems not te be taken into account when inserted in lg_elements.lst.
Does someone has an idea of how can I proceed to make L3P Add-On take those parts into account if inserted in the lg_elements.lst?

I'm not even sure that the problem is the name (beginning by "u") but usually it work like a charm with standard 4 digits part name).
As nobody answered. Sad
I've managed to tweak Ldview's Pov-ray export to take those parts into account.

So, Problem more or less solve.
If you'd ask about LDView's POV export, I would have helped you out, but I try not to discourage people from using L3P, since Lars gave me a lot of help in my development of POV export in LDView.