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Full Version: MLCAD 50 EURO Reward for adding parts !
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i reward 50 Euro for the one that can add the following parts to MLCAD

Trans-Clear Door 1 x 4 x 6 with Stud Handle 60616 (Multi Colours possible)
Dark Bluish Gray Tile 2 x 2 with Computer Monitor Pattern 1, with White Power Magnus Forsberg
Switch Icon 3068bpb058 the 4 difrent computer monitors similar as well..
Reddish Brown Container, Bucket 1 x 1 x 1 95343 (Multi Colours possible) Magnus Forsberg
Dark Tan Container, Bucket 1 x 1 x 1 Handle 95344 (Multi Colours possible) Magnus Forsberg
how ever the container not show in MLCad ?

92589 Bar 1 x 4 x 6 with End Protrusions

Windscreen 2 x 6 x 2 Train with Glass 6567 (Multi Colours possible)

i keep waiting till these items are added and after 2 years i think i have to
set a price on this and beg someone to add this

i have lego i design models till now i have kept a low profile dont feel a shamed to claim your reward you can order for 50 euro on lego parts or a model or recieve 50 euro Magnus Forsberg

donating to this website i will do as well but that have nothing to do with getting the parts done Tongue

thanks in advance
The door 60616 is available in 2 version (a and b) on the Parts Tracker. Both are held, due to some minor errors...But it's possible to use the files in a digital model.
The Computer Monitor Pattern is missing... Maybe there is somebody of the authors who owns one of this tiles...
The 95343 bucket is on my desk... But for the moment there is a real life "problem" that takes most all my time... (and there are 3 more parts, where I want to pay attention...
Unfortunately I cannot say anything about the handle...


PS.: I would never take money for creating parts but if you could create a 50 hours day for a couple of weeks I would be interested in. ;-)
lol yea if i would be able to greate a 50 hour day i would be in for it as well , aldo then i need to be able to stay awake for 50 hours with only 8 hours of sleep Tongue

about the door i try the 2 difrent models you mentioned it added a lot of files and it was in my eyes not fuctional in that way.

the money i offer is because i run out of patience to wait and see someone will ad it i need the door to be fuctional like any other part now i forget to read the rules on my webpage you can have a look on what i make not so hard to find just follow the name on my avator Tongue

if people want me to jump in the air and be happy like a baby please please ad that door first Tongue

i have all the parts if the isue is you need the parts to ad them i will be more then happy to send them

Please tell me, what's the problem with the door and I'll try to fix it...
For the patterned part you could provide a high resolution picture or a good scan. I'm sure that a part author will have a look on it. Unfortunately I'm not so good in doing patterns. :-(
The handle is available in LDD so a raw conversion should be possible as well.

well when i import the door it makes a lot of lines in the part screen and thats not the way i think it have to be also when i make it transparent it only makes part of it transparent and the rest is or remains black
I've used the 60616 door plenty times and it's fine.

You don't want to "import" the part, you want to use the standard Edit/Add/Part function to add it to the model.

If you keep unofficial parts in a dedicated folder for unofficial parts then you'll need to paste the full path into the custom part path box. If instead you keep copies of custom parts in the same folder as the current model then you can simply browse for the part.
Woot lol i read somewhere i had to ad it as sub model lol it now shows without top and bottom hinge part but its usable thank you can you finish the part as such so its compleet ?

and i have another part missing 6567 window will look if there is a unofficial of that

If parts of the door are missing then that's probably because you have primitives missing.

If you open 60616.dat in LDView you can see if the Errors window opens. It will probably list missing primitives. You'll need to either download the latest complete parts library or manually fetch the missing primitives and place them into the LDraw/P folder.

The door looks like this:

in ldview and lpub the door shows complete in mlcad it miss the hinge connect
I've just noticed the part has been updated since I last downloaded it.

It now needs a subpart, 60616s01.dat, to be placed in the "s" folder below wherever you placed the 60616.dat file.

But if it shows in LDView, then you probably already have it. Not sure why MLCad isn't using it.... if you have all the correct files in the correct place.
it now shows good in the instructions without the other dat file can you solve the remaining questions for parts ?
6567 is also available as an unofficial part.

If you go to the parts tracker:

Then key 6567 into the "lookup" box, you get:


Where you can download the part and its two subparts.
stephen thank you for your help on the door if you contact me as i seem not be able to find a messaging system in here i can reward you for your effort with something nice lol as the door was allready there i thought my avatar wass allready visable it wass not now it is i asume so on the contact page is an email Smile
Rewards are really not necessary Smile

(unless of course it's a lovely 22-year old blonde girl....)
wow thanks Smile cool solved how nice
lol anywhere we can chat ?
i dont know if its alowed to post my website here so i used my avatar all those secretly talks me dont like lol so if you dont like to have some money perhaps you like one of my small creations i can send you so you have something to build Tongue
I'll start working on the screen pattern.
It's been on my todo-list for some time now, and I need something to do on Good Friday.
We can donate everytime to Peeron, that hosts our side. Maybe you both like this solution Smile
Two versions of the screen are now att the PartTracker. I cant find evidence of more version.


According to Brickset they are:
0 // No.95, 46502, 4200902, Dk.Grey, 2003
1 8 -42 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 3068bp72.dat
0 // No.95, 46502, 4288298, Dk.St.Grey, 2003-2014
1 72 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 3068bp72.dat

0 // No.137, 47369, 4289304, White, 2006-2013
1 15 42 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 3068bp73.dat
Now working on the buckets


Two buckets, the handle and four shortcuts are now at the Part Tracker

i updated the first post Smile
i send a donation of 25 dollar to the hosting (thought i could adjust the amount later) so later i will donate some more

if you dont like a reward but like lego let me send you a build or something Smile

my avatar is my webpage

nobody claimed any award

i still are waiting 1 part i need to finish the instructions

92589 Bar 1 x 4 x 6 with End Protrusions

please help


If no-one claims it, please consider donating the money to Peeron to pay for hosting of LDraw.

Use top right button here: http://www.ldraw.org/

i allready donated some and will in the future as well Smile
In that case a big thank you Smile
Hi Marcel,

Sorry about the delay. I started working on this but got sidetracked.
I'll try to finish it this weekend.

Here it is, and you'll need the subfile too...