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Full Version: 973pr2538c01 Emmet's torso from the Lego Movie
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I've written my own simple LDraw exporter for Blender (Link). And as a way of testing it, I modeled the construction worker torso from the Lego Movie.
Maybe someone is interested in it. Feel free to use it as you see fit.

[Image: 973pr2538c01.jpg]
Wouldn't you like to simply get an account for the LDRAW parts tracker
(that's our location where new parts are born)
and upload it there?

I considered it. But this is probably a one shot. I just wanted to create something useful, for testing my exporter. I just don't have the time to find out the ins and outs of submitting parts.
Feel free to submit it to the part tracker yourself. You don't have to credit me. Consider it CC0.
What about the affirmation of our CA from that author??
Sorry, Earnest needs to affirm the CA, just like every other official library contributor has, by sending email to parts@ldraw.org, containing the words "I accept the LDraw.org Contributor Agreement with regards to all past and future contributions I make to LDraw.org". It is not sufficient merely to post "Consider it CCO" here.
CC0 means it's in the public domain. Steffen or anybody else is free to claim it for themselves and do what they want with it. Take it or leave it.
There's no copyright for code. At least not where I live. And I couldn't possibly claim a copyright for a Lego piece.
Come on guys, we should be happy that Earnest has donated this file to our library this way.

His above statements are equivalent to to accepting the CA.

I think we shouldn't be trying to play lawyers here.

I took the file to the PT, including putting it under our normal license. Earnest has agreed to doing so here,
so everything is fine.
I agree with Steffen, the part is public domain so we should be in the clear to use it under the CCAL.
Thanks for being reasonable about this. Just replace my name in the file with yours. I honestly do not care.
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