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Full Version: online generationg of building instruction
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I'm working on tool which allows to easily publish LEGO building instructions. It works in a few steps:
1. create LDraw building instruction including building instruction steps
2. upload file at http://www.cubiculus.com/building-instruction/create
3. In a few minutes you'll receive email that building instruction is generated. Email also contains link to generated building instruction.

I would like to ask help with testing. It's quite sure that there will be problems. Please let me know when you meet them. Also if you have any question please let me know.

I have uploaded few example of building instruction at http://www.cubiculus.com/searchbuildingi...tion/sheep

regard Jan
I do not understand.
At step 1) I should make a building instruction and on step 3) I get a building instruction ???
Sorry ;-),

it's a mess. Let me explain it better. I would like to create service for publishing building instructions.

1) You have to create building instruction manually at your local machine. For example you create LDraw file 'car.ldr'.
2) You upload this file at http://www.cubiculus.com/building-instruction/create. You have to create account at cubiculus.com.
3) In a few minutes you'll receive an email. This email will contain link to generated images.

The result should be page like this http://www.cubiculus.com/building-instru...ar-classic
I'll be happy to get some feedback about this service.

best regards