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Full Version: Part 4070 dimensions
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Hello all,
This is my first post to this forum, so my apologies if this is not the right spot for this question, or if it has been asked previously.

My question is about part 4070, aka the Erling or "headlight brick". The brick seems be modeled such that it "fits" in a perfect 1x1x1 stud opening, however this is not the case because the open stud on the face of the brick actually extends slightly out beyond the 1x1x1 footprint of the brick (I hope I have expressed this clearly). Needless to say, this inaccuracy in the dimensions has bitten me on more than one occasion when trying to build a model I've designed in MLCAD. As a side note, LEGO's own LDD (not a fan but I have tinkered with it in the past) - also seems to allow an adjacent brick in front of the studded facet.

Has this ever been discussed before or are there any plans to address this?

Thanks for any help!
I'm going to bump this in case it was missed. This looks to be a problem with 4070 that ought to be addressed.
I noticed this message and meant to have a look at real parts. But even if we change part, since (AFAIK) no LDraw editors do collision detection, possibility to do wrong assembly will remain.
But at least if you are zoomed in (with a corrected 4070) you will see that you cannot place a brick directly in front of the side facing stud.
I understand about the lack of collision detection, but agree that the part should still be updated to reflect reality and allow the user to visually see the collision, if so inclined.
For me, within MLCad at least, if I were using this brick it would probably be because I wanted to attach something to the front-facing side-stud or the rear-facing side-studhole, in which case the default MLCad snapping grid wouldn't work and I'd probably be zoomed in to position the other part being attached sideways. At this point, if 4070 was correct, I'd learn that the side-facing stud overhangs and therefore never make the mistake again of putting a brick directly in front of it, so I also think the part should be updated.