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Full Version: Wondering about the steering committee
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Not really a request, but I was just wondering why the steering committee doesn't use the forum?
Not really understanding the question. Orion, Chris, ... we are all posting here. You'll find also our announcements at the very top of the forum.

I mean a subforum in the administrative section instead of a mailing list (I assume you are using that now?).

Please note I'm not complaining, just wondering.
They have a forum Smile It's just hidden if you're not on the SteerCo or a webmaster.

I think that traditionally LSC discussions were open to reading by the public (in theory at least) while SteerCo were not.

The LSC existed before the SteerCo so some of the policies of the 2 groups differ. The LSC's list is required by charter to be public whereas when we decided the the SteerCo's would be private.
I'd like to add that the SteerCo also discussed to hide the LSC forum the public since - citing a SteerCo member:

"We should allow the elected body to discuss privately amongst themselves, consulting privately with other subject matter experts or publicly seeking wider opinion from the community if they choose."

However before proceeding we asked the outgoing LSC for their opinion and you declined.

Thanks for the info, as a current member of the LSC I don't mind working semi public like it is now (I prefer it even). But if the steerCo prefer it private that's ok with me too.

I just didn't realize private sections aren't listed at all (on some forums you can still see 'it's there'). So that's why I was wondering if (and why) the steerCo still used mailing lists.