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Full Version: Broken LDraw.org Home Page
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For the last 4 days the LDraw.org site home page has been missing a few sections.

I've browsed this from several countries and got the same result, so I assume everyone is seeing this same problem...
Confirmed from Germany.

This is the source html that is displayed:
<div class="frontbox" style="float: left !important;" >
  <h2>Parts update</h2>
  <div class="text">
    <!-- Html blob 'HomeBoxPartsUpdate' does not exist  --><br style="clear:both;" />

<div class="frontbox" style="float: right !important;" >
  <div class="text">
    <!-- Html blob 'HomeBoxTutorials' does not exist  --><br style="clear:both;" />

And there is nothing to display!
Hmm, not sure what is issue is. I'll troubleshoot.
Ok. Fixed on my end. Please verify.
While you are on the website... what about adding a favicon to LDraw.org?
It already has one, a red brick.


It's at the default location, rather than being specified explicitly in the markup, but I think all browsers should cope with this.
That reminds me the that I never updated the main site favicon to be new ones the we made. I'll do that now too.
Mine doesn't show it, though it displays other websites favicons...?
What browser are you using?

Firefox has an about:config setting browser.chrome.favicons that if changed to false will stop unspecified favicons being loaded from root. Opera has a similar setting I think.

Perhaps it would be better if ldraw did use a link element for the icon, which is the standard nowadays.

The forum shows a blue brick - do you see that one?
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