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Full Version: Custom RGB colors
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Thanks. It makes me feel better that there's a simple equation. A note on the "ignoring halving". I actually modified my program slightly to not halve, and to use 9 bits for each output component to accomodate the larger possible component values, and the results were, as you could probably predict, the same.
I am currently again on my implementation of color detection and presentation.

I found out that LDView displays for a color that is not defined in LDConfig.ldr and not in the above described range the color #FF8000.

1) Is that by intend?
2) Is there a special reason why it is just #FF8000?

Any help is very much wanted.
We should add to the article http://www.ldraw.org/article/218.html#colours that also the integer representation of the notation 0x2.... is allowed in ldraw files for <colour>.
Because we also have a hint for applications using this, we should give another hint what to display (which colour should be used) if the colour value that is found in a ldraw file is out of the specification.
I had to choose some color to display when I get a value that I do not understand, and therefore cannot convert into RGB. One option would be LDraw color number 7, but I decided it would be more useful to people to see that their color wasn't working, so I chose 0xFF8000, which is orange, and therefore will generally stand out in a model.
I guessed that would be the answer Smile

Thank you very much for this clear word. I will follow your suggestion in my applications, so the user know what is wrong.
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