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Full Version: Bricklink: 3D images based on LDraw library, powered by Brigl
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See for ex. http://www.bricklink.com/catalogItemPic.asp?P=62531 and click on 3D viewer.
A exclamation mark (!) below a thumbnail image indicates that there are 3D viewer and image.
Nice! Maybe I should get off my butt and finish the code for the forums. Although I think brigl would be better used in the PT which is Chris's domain.
Great to see that our work will spread around Smile
So it is more and more important to have the parts in our library.

How could I implement the BrigL webgl renderer to use the parts library through a public dropbox URL?
I think you need to clarify your question here.
Do you want to configure brigl to use parts from some custom URL (e.g. a public dropbox)?
Or do you want to render items that are INSIDE such a dropbox and visualize them through brigl?
Or something else?

Where does brigl read the LDraw parts from? In my case I might have to specify a custom LDraw URL as I have a couple of custom elements that are needed for my models.

It also goes without saying that yes, I would like it to read the model from a public Dropbox URL and render it.

A bit of both i guess Smile

Thank you for answering.
I want one for my website!