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Full Version: Building LEGO interactively in your browser. By Google.
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You probably all have seen this, right? Amazing.


[Image: bg-build.jpg]
They took our Jobs Smile

Looks nice, but it feels somewhat sluggish to me, also very little parts unless I'm missing something.

Is this pure a (chrome) demo or are they aiming to create an ldd replacement ?
AFAIK it is a project with GOOGLE, that there can be created a map with LEGO replicas of real buildings...
Somewhere I've read that only 30 parts and 10 colours are available for this purpose...

what I like about this application is how you select the parts to add to the model.

instead of a lengthy list control to scroll
or a complicated tree view
or a grid wasting too much space,
they simply put a "pile of bricks" there to choose from.

maybe this is a mode our tools could also offer...?

we should take that idea as an inspiration IMHO.
A collaborative town project on a large scale might be the eventual outcome of this project. I don't think computer hardware are fast enough yet, so it may be a while until we see it.