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Full Version: Image upload now enabled
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I've enabled the ability to attach images with the png, gif, and jpg extensions. All others are disallowed. Please do not upload large images. If this is abused, I will disable image upload.
Good, we needed that, but how big is "too big"?
How many kb or pixels is acceptable?
I leave that up to you. Be responsible. The hard upload limit imposed by PHP on my server is (I think) 6.9 MB but I'd say that you should prolly think hard if you're uploading and image that's more than 1MB
Thanks, this will make our life easier!
Ok, it is now possible to attach a picture, but how do I show that picture in my message?
I know there is a button "insert image url" when I write a message, but how do I find the url to my attached image?

Or do I have to upload it to another place, like Brickshelf or Photobucket, before I can link to it?
Hmm. Not sure. I'll look into this unless someone else has figured it out and cares to share Smile
I like to show the picture hand.png, so first I upload the picture.
Second step is edit this message and put the img tag around the

Problem is, that you do not know the two numbers (in this case /23/1148/) of the link.

Does anybody has a better way?
I used the following method: prepare your message, attach your image, post it. The posted message contains a link to the image, edit your post to include it with "insert image url"
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