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Full Version: ToriCalc 2.1 (GUI-Version)
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I'm proud to present: ToriCalc 2.1
It is now a complete GUI Version with some additional features.
You can find it on Philo's Home Page who kindly hosts this programme.
Link to the ToriCalc Page at philohome.com

I have not yet tested this gui version, but from the description on the page you refer to I would like to have one additional features.
- If the needed tori already exist it should be mentioned.
That's a pretty different thing, as this implies knowing where the library is, etc... But if Max goes this route, then it would be even better if the program could provide a list of "nearby" tori - dimensions can often be adjusted a bit -, or with another number of divisions (eg. show 1/4 torus when 1/2 is required). No need to clutter library...
Mike, please note, that I planned this as a calculator only. The wish for checking, if the torus already exist is a good idea. Maybe I'll find the time to implement something like this in the future. Unfortunately I'm really busy with real life 'problems' for the next months. (You know what I mean ;-) ) Anyway I'll make me a note in my LDraw-Folder for this.