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Full Version: LDPatternCreator - Release 1.5.4
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the new pattern creator release with improved background image rendering is out now Smile
If you are already using a version greater than 1.5.0 you can simply update your installation by clicking on "Help -> Install Updates" and choose "Yes".

As always, I included a short readme.htm in the installation directory.

Cheers & Leg Godt

Is there a method to restore used primitives within a pattern when a .lpc-file is loaded? It looks as if they are "inlined" when loading a file.
Last week I found the root cause of this error. I hope that the 1.5.5 release will fix the inline-issues. Unfortunately, there is no method to restore the inlined primitives.

They were inlined

1. as a result of inconsistent data (caused by a bug), which can't be restored.
2. to obtain the shape of the pattern and to prevent complete data loss of your work
With version 1.5.4 i had a lot of crashes and damaged .lpc-files, mainly when exporting to .dat with post processing activated. Maybe the files got somehow corrupted, and that caused the crashes. I had to export with no post processing at all, but even the exported files had lost primitives after import.

However, a quick check with version 1.5.5 works fine:
- file with primitive and triangles -> save -> restart app -> load -> primitives are there and can be selected
- same file -> exported to dat -> restart app -> import dat -> primitives are there and can be selected

Thank you for fixing this!
I am glad to hear that I could help you with release 1.5.5.