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Full Version: Need help with 13793
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I can't connect tube to handle, and have priblem with button. Help me please.
Mmh, it's hard to understand, what the problem is Undecided
After checking again and again I think, that I now know, what you mean.

And there is a very simple solution to connect your file 2.dat to the other parts. The bar above the tori is 5 LDU wide. Your 2.dat is 5.2 LDU wide. That's the main problem. I think you should recreate this 2.dat as a 16-sided version with 5 LDU diameter. If you need help while creating the cutout, just ask. This shouldn't be too hard for me.

Remember that you run into problems with the button again. You have to adapt its cutout to the new 2.5 LDU radius of the 2.dat content...


PS.: great work so far, that's exactly what we requested on PT.
PPS.: I still have some issues with the GUI-Version of ToriCalc. Just a hint: Please never try to input periodical decimals like ?.3333 or ?.6666 this will run the Commandline an endless Loop ;-)
I'd either leave the button geometry as is or cut it against the cylinder with intersector and use isecalc to recalculate the edgelines.
I want relace 2.dat with cutted cylinder, but i spend few hours without result, because it is to hard for me to make all those cuts. See the 2-5.dat
What about button. I want to replace circle with 16edge disc and attache it to the torch, but coverer gave me bad result.
Ok, I'll give it try. ;-)
Edit: Almost finished - only the button is missing now...
I rework the "end of handle" section now...
That's my result:
You can easily copy and paste the content to the main part ;-)

And here is the end of handle section...
Amazing! One little problem left, this button. I want to replace it with disc and recreate surface, but had bad result. Can you halp me with it?
See my other post ;-)
It's already done!
Thanks, you helped me a lot!