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Full Version: Pirates
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I will try make better renders later
[Image: 6279_-_skull_island_2.jpg]
It looks more like a grainy photograph than a POV-Ray render. Did you by mistake save it as JPEG first before saving it as PNG?
No. Thats brickshelf probem. It adds bakground. I will later add better version.
I can upload MPD, but it is not mine, so if someone ask i will.
[Image: 6270.jpg]
[Image: 1713_-_shipwrecked_pirate_2.jpg]
This is first Lego set i got in my life))
Nice to see a good use of newly created head pattern Wink
I want to create this one long time ago, but the was not right pattern for head) So i got pattern made by you, and ender it)
[Image: 6232_-_skeleton_crew.jpg]
Added to AIOI. Thx for sharing!