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Full Version: 973p32 some quastions
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I found out that there is no 973p32 part in library. Part with that name has cream stripes. But bricklink and my eyes sayes that stripes are white. So is it mistake in library or i have to upload part with white stripes?
Also Datheader said 486 - wrong color (this is belt), so what is right color?
OK, now it get's difficult and as I don't have any sets of the pirates series, I can contribute with some pictures found in net only.
First one (from Peeron):
[Image: 973p32.1104777501.jpg]
Second one (from Bricklink)
[Image: 973p32c01.jpg?0]

And I found these pictures on ebay:
[Image: %24(KGrHqN,!qEF!GfkIpusBQUzhUbVo!~~60_12.JPG]
(auction number: 280966493177)

[Image: %24(KGrHqR,!loF!TiJhP(kBQUzdwn+I!~~60_12.JPG]
(auction number: 280966491900)

It seem's that there are two versions exist. Nevertheless I think the cream colour should be white in all cases. In my eyes this is just a result due to yellowing over a longer time.

Did you notice the different belts?!

This is at least worth a new part.
Somehow I deleted the section mentioning the different buckles in my previous post. Undecided

Stan Isachenko Wrote:Also Datheader said 486 - wrong color (this is belt), so what is right color?

That is not quite correct! DATHeader tells you:
Line 32: Not all used colors in LDConfig.ldr. 1 486 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 s\973p31b.dat

This means in principle that the used colour is not listed in LDConfig.ldr. But I am sure the value 486 has been in the LDConfig.ldr in the past or this number is just an old one mainly used by using the "old" MLCad version that did not read the LDConfig.ldr.

As you surely have seen LDView shows a color that matches quite well with the picture.

But it makes me wonder why we did not updated files that use color 486 if that colour is not defined in LDConfig.ldr?
It seems that the black buckle one is a rare item. There may be only one set with it :

1970-1: Pirates Gun Cart (brickset)

I didn't find any other set with the black version.
I think this one looks also more golden than black. Maybe a misprint? Or even an user altered part?
I wouldn't trust the images of instructions and boxes too much. See the instructions of your linked Set. The buckle isn't black there.
Nevertheless, it seems to be a rare item - that's true.

I do have this torso here, and indeed it looks creamy, not white... And similarly aged parts look whiter, so it might be intended.
Mine all look creamy, but it may be due to differences in the density of the printing allowing the yellow torso to show through the paint to different degrees.

So we should either update the existing parts to white or leave them as is. I don't think there is a need for two stripe colour versions.
IMHO we need the second version, because at least the buckle is different...
Agreed Smile
Yes, I was only talking about the cream vs. white issue. If we are certain that the black buckle is not a misprint or a user-modified part, then we should create that.