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Full Version: Bug? General forum doesn't get red New posts notification
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As far as I can tell, posts to the "General LDraw.org Discussion" forum don't produce the red "n New Posts" text in the main forum view. I don't think I've ever even looked in that forum due to the fact that I only click on forums that have the new posts message. When I looked today, I saw 9 threads, all of which were in bold (indicating I haven't viewed them).
I can confirm this, I believe it is true of every sub-forum in the "General" section ("LDraw.org Announcements", "General LDraw.org Discussion", and "Help").

EDIT: Nevermind, "LDraw.org Announcements" seems to be fine, I could have sworn there were posts there a few days ago that were flagged red without a notification on the front page. And "Help" doesn't have enough volume for me to tell.

EDIT: Help finally got some posts in it, and it doesn't appear to have the issue either.

EDIT: It appears that off-topic is affected too. I'm not sure what's going on here, but I'm pretty sure it's not just my imagination.

EDIT: The bug appears to be gone... I don't understand. I swear it was happening for real. There can only be one explanation.
That's odd. Shortly after I posted my message above, the new notifications started working for me on the general forum.
I think I may have found out what is up. I think (but am not sure) that you don't get new notifications on the main page for forums that you haven't ever looked at.
I noticed your other post but I disagree. I had visited every forum before I saw this problem (unless some forums were deleted/recreated with the same name at the same the subforums for each individual program were abolished).