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Full Version: 2013/2014 LDraw.org Standards Committee (LSC) - Call for Nominations
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I, Michael Heidemann, nominate Travis Cobbs for a position on the LSC.
I, Tim Gould, nominate Michael Heidemann for a position on the LSC.
Thanks. I, Travis Cobbs, accept the nomination.
I. Orion Pobursky, nominate Magnus Forsberg for a position on the LSC
Thank you, I'll accept
Thanks, but I have to decline this time again.

looks like we still need one volunteer for the LSC. Any brave LDrawer out there who has some spare time left?

I was going to make room for more motivated persons but I'll voluneer
I have been thinking about accepting the nomination, but feel I need to prioritize my free time right now.
It is currently too much new going on at work.

I am tempted. Maybe next year.

I'm up.
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