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Full Version: LDView vs. L3P.exe, POV 3.62 vs. POV 3.7
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I've created a wiki page showing the difference between renders done in POV-Ray 3.62 versus POV-Ray 3.7, and created using LDView versus L3P.exe. You can find it here:


The lighting is the same in all twelve renders; and a change in lighting might be better suited to some renders than others.
I'm running Travis' Datsville pos at the moment, and the first time it derailed on a 3.6 -> 3.7 issue. So you might want to mention that somewhere too.

3.7 won't accept float declare's without a trailing ';' anymore.

It's in some of the lgeo files.
Thanks. My export code has provisions for version-wrapping individual files, but there has to be a directive in LEGO.xml to trigger it, and I can't remember what that directive is off the top of my head. My intention is for that directive to be present for known problem LGEO files, and not for others.

There are a lot of LGEO files that would need fixing...
Actually, I was wrong about this. It is functionality that I meant to add, but haven't yet. It's another thing on my list of fixes I need for 4.2. Right now, LGEO.xml has a <POVFilename> element that specifies an inc file. I want to add POVVersion as an attribute of that element (for instance, <POVFilename POVVersion="3.6">lg_2345.inc</POVFilename>), but I haven't done that yet. Once I have that working, I need to somehow come up with a list of "broken" LGEO include files.
Up to now it only stopped for 71173 which I corrected.

Now it's almost running for 2 hours and it's still going, there are some 'possible parse error' messages scrolling by though, but it's not stopping for them. Bit weird if you think about it why exit on one, and ignore others?
What happens after you add the attribute to the part? You know you can't mix and match different #version directives in POV-Ray.
Actually, I'm pretty sure you can switch it on the fly. I already have code to do this in another situation (although I haven't been able to track down what I can do to trigger the code). The output looks something like so:

#if (version > 3.6) #version 3.6; #end
#include "somefile.inc"
#if (version < LDXOrigVer) #version LDXOrigVer; #end
I thought they stopped this in POV 3.7? Anyway I posted a note in their newsgroups asking them to clarify.
They may have stopped supporting this in 3.7. Since I can't figure out how to trigger the code that generates that output, I can't really test. You could use the "broken" LGEO part in a small model, then put the above code around its #include to see what happens, I suppose. (I can do this also; I'll have to, since adding support for POV version-specific LGEO includes will be pointless if it doesn't work in POV 3.7.)
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