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Full Version: Perfect vs. Available Parts
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That's fine for people who are semi-expert at LDraw. But the current system can force people to become experts when all they really want to do is build using the latest parts. And that's not cool.

I don't recall reporting any spam. At least not on purpose. Are you absolutely sure it was me and not someone else?
Hi Michael,

What kinds of errors are you saying are both:
- Currently stopping reviewers from certing a file and
- Actually not so bad, so that we should cert and then fix it later?

Oh crap. My mistake. No it wasn't you. Sorry for the confusion and false accusation.

Your post was reported and I missed that the person reporting it was Max Martin Richter.

That's OK. Play well!
I do not quite sure I understand your post.

But yes, both can happen.
1) I can not force someone to vote cert on a part. I can only convience them Smile.
2) exactly this way, if _no_ _basic_ mistake is made in the file.

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