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Full Version: Lego Large Trans Orange & Red Flame
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Hi again,

I'm looking for this piece in LDraw? It's a relatively new piece, featured in sets 6864, 7600, 6863, 2507, 2505, 7199 and 9449.

Here's a picture of the part:

Thanks in advance

Thats a bit difficult part, but maybe some can help and polish the files.
Hi Michael,

Thanks for putting that together - it looks great.

I had to create individual DAT files from your MDP as the conversion tool that I'm using to convert my model to a DXF file could not understand the embedded parts data within the file.

I'm happy to submit these individual files (85959.dat, 85959s01.dat, 85959s02.dat and 85959s03.dat) to the parts tracker but I'm not sure of the process. How do I get permission to upload file to the parts tracker?

BTW - what is the process for determining new parts numbers (how did you come up with 85959.dat)?


There is a lot of things you should read to play well in our team Smile

Parts Tracker - Information how to get enable to upload to the pt.

Parts Tracker Reference

If there are still questions - look into the forum.