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Full Version: Import list of parts into MLCad/LeoCAD/SR 3D Builder
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Hi, I'm new to LDraw and I'm wondering if is possible to import list of parts into those programs or make a *.ldr/*.dat file with all parts like LDD Manager.


[Image: LDD%20Manager%20szldkfjsdlfjlk.jpg]
I currently do not quite understand what you like to do?
I want to import a list of parts into those programs so I don't need to look for all parts needed to assamble a model.

In LDD you can do this using LDD Manager, once you open the program and choose the proper option it ask for a model number, it then connects to bricklink and download all parts information, and then the program make a LDD file with only the parts needed to assamble the model. Then you only need to start LDD and load that file, no need to search for a part because all are laid down next to each other and ready to be used.

Search for a part in LDD is quite painful and in LDraw is even MORE painful considering it has a LOT more parts.

I want to know if there is a program like LDD Manager, but for LDraw. If there is none, then I want to know if you can import a part list into those programs.
Ok, now I understand Smile

AFAIK there is no such application.

But there might be solutions to your need. I remember such a discussion for MLCad.
Because I do not use LeoCAD nor SR 3D Builder, I can not be of any help for those applications.

Maybe you should post your question in the desired thread http://forums.ldraw.org/list.php?11
I think there used to be a program that took a html from peeron.com and extracted the part list for use in MLCad, I can't rember it's name though.
Quote:Because I do not use LeoCAD nor SR 3D Builder, I can not be of any help for those applications.
Both can import plain LDraw file, so all three problems are the same.
I sometimes had to do that kind of things (eg. to create visualldconfig), I resorted to a good old text editor...
Roland, this looks like it would be fairly straightforward to do in LDCad. Your parts bins are just text files, right? Of course, I assume there isn't currently a program to generate a parts bin from a file, but it seems that would be fairly straightforward.
The bins are indeed text files, so if one has all the part numbers creating a bin group won't be a problem. You could place it in the partBin\default\sets folder so they show up in the sets group.

The hard part is extracting the numbers from (any) webpage by paste copy (so the site still gets to show it's banners etc). It's on my to do list for some time Smile
In MLCad you have the Favorites under the parts tree.
You can drag the parts you like to use into that Favorites.

They will be stored in the registry in the folder
For each part an item "Entry1", "Entry2" etc. is created with just the filename as string entry.
Also an item "NumEntries" with the number of part entries needs to be there.

So this can be an entry point for a solution from your side. Problem is still to determine the parts that should go into the Favorites.

do you think about Peeron_to_MLCad? Thats a great tool!

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